Date March 4, 2009

Spring League 2009 – see the spring league page for more info.

Late Disc and Shirt Pickup

Date June 1, 2008

All shirts and discs that weren’t picked up at Harvey St. on June 1will be available for pickup at Netherworld Games at 334 W. MIfflin St. starting June 4th from noon-midnight. Some teams that stopped by Harvey st. picked up their shirts but not their discs. Those discs will also be available.

Date May 27, 2008

Summer League Jersey Color List: Click here.

Maps to fields: Click here.

Summer League 2008

Date April 29, 2008

Please contact with any questions.

Registration will open on May 1. Deadline for registering your team is May 15. You can sign up players after that through June, but they won’t get a shirt.

What’s New
1. New ringer rule (applies to all leagues)
2. Friday Masters league
3. Entry fee is $28.

Summer League Starts the first week of June.

See … er-league/ for all of the details

Spring League Update!

Date March 15, 2008

Check out the Spring League page for updated information regarding Spring League and links to registration.

December 14, 2007 MUFA Board Minutes

Date March 7, 2008

December 14, 2007
6:30 pm
Memorial Union

Present: Brad, Robin, Sue, Matt, Kris, Dan, KJ


1. Bank account
a. Checking
b. CD and other investments

2. Juniors

a. MSCR – cannot add any more programs

– We could place an add in the MSCR catalog for a summer camp type thing
– a 1/2 page add costs – $1085
– or, a program listing – the Mallards example: participants paid 30$, MSCR took 5$ per participant as payment
– KJ wants to do 2 days per week on east side and two days on west side

-create mailing list for announcements e.g. Dan’s request for coaching help, KJ will need assistants for summer camp

Brainstorming ideas for KJ
– schedule for classes
– equipment needed
– schwag for kids
– assistants needed

3. Leagues
a. Fall
b. Winter
c. Spring
d. Summer

4. Local Events
a. Red Eye

Topics of Discussion

  • Motion accepted 6-1 to publish 4 meeting dates per year, grants need to be submitted 2 weeks before the scheduled meetings, checks will be distributed a minimum of 1 week past the date of the meeting.
  • January 24 – prepare for public meeting, meeting
  • January 31 – public meeting

1. Coaches conference in Boston

2. Grants – Sue will write up grant submission guidelines, with deadlines and so on.

3. MUFA Merchandise
a. Africa – – motioned passed 7-0 to send remaining summer 07 jerseys to Africa

4. Sponsoring try outs for national teams

Motion passed 6-1 to pay for the camp fee ($115) for up to 4 kids for 2008 who make the tryouts.

5. WI State High School Trophy – tabled

6. Lining Fields – Robin look into and found no one available to hire to do it.
Robin will look into landscaping companies
Matt will call city and ask for a number

7. The 16 (on second page)

8. Tax and Insurance

9. Elections / public meeting

10. Adjourn

THE 16

1. Give people money to set up teams in schools.

  • Dan suggests middle schools. yes. (4th and 5th grade).
  •  In Seattle, went to the school board and suggested making ultimate the cornerstone of their middle school athletics – there are no refs to pay, it can be played coed. They paid the coaches (we think 500$ – will check on the numbers).
  • Dan would assist a middle school directors for ultimate expansion, but doesn’t have time to do it.
  • Kris will write a position description for the middle school director.
  • It will be presented at the public meeting and will be posted before the meeting.

2. Set up charitable trusts.

  • Would we consider doing this in the future?
  • A matching program?
  • MUFA has trust fund that’s set up, or donate to other trusts.
  • Give out the interest on the trust based on what groups have done for ultimate community.

3. Give people money to set us MSCR classes or leagues.

4. Give people money to set up mini-courses at the UW.

  • It’s OK, but putting it on hold for now.

5. Advertising for our leagues and MUFA.

  • What is the cost, what are our different options? Robin will look into this.
  • Put Kate Arnold on a city bus.
  • Sponsor things like Susan Komen runs to get MUFA’s name out there.

6. Have MUFA become an official 501-3(c) Non-profit organization.

  • Yes, will check into it with the lawyers

7. Pay the UPA dues for first time UPA members who play in the fall club series.

  • Tabled

8. Pay to Line the fields.

  • Robin will call landscaper, Matt will call city

9. Set up new tournaments.

  • Hodags want to reestablish Midwesterns as a more local, small college tourney. Should MUFA assist in helping organizations/people create tourneys.
  • BSG – move it around to different cities? Won’t happen within the structure of BSG
  • Should MUFA host a tournament? We’d need a tournament director.

10. Buy Ultimate educational materials for each team in Summer League, such as books and/or DVDs.

  • Donate ultimate material to public library?
  • Subsidize the purchase of instructional materials.
  • Robin will find out about the costs of buying this stuff.

11. Introduce Ultimate at the Phy-ed level in schools.

  • Robin will look into giving discs and rulebooks to high schools.

12. Introduce Ultimate at Edgewood College and MATC.

  • It should be on the college students to start teams for themselves. We will help people who approach us.

13. Pay teams to have skills clinics.

  • Might be accomplished through our trust/reward system

14. Film some of the league games and put them online with commentary.

  • Potentially hire a company to (professionally) film summer league finals.

15. Put together a series of instructional videos.

  • Can probably get better quality already made.

16. Create promotional brochures, flyers, and posters for MUFA that we can hand out to schools and other events.

  • Create MUFA bumper stickers/decals for cars.

Long term goals for MUFA

1. Maintain and improve the ultimate Frisbee experience for the MUFA members

2. Support the growth of youth and juniors ultimate in the community.

3. Support the growth of college ultimate

President’s 2007 Annual Report

Date February 6, 2008

The 15th year of Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association Inc. (MUFA) existence was truly the most productive. Most importantly our leagues set record number of players with Summer League having 88 teams, 1764 players, a 29% growth from 2006. Better quality jerseys were added to increase the worth of the great deal summer league players get for their fee of joining. We provide more goods and services than any other league in the nation for the price. Spring and Fall leagues grew 37% and 26%. Goaltimate is the newest league added to MUFA.

Our concern of serving players was enhanced with a winter public meeting to give current reports and listen to concerns, ideas and take proposals in person. Though we are always willing and able to take input, this was the first large group get together for conversation. MUFA is working at publicizing itself better with a revamped web site hopefully to make communication easier in all directions. A MUFA store is in the works.

Because of last years public meeting MUFA has consulted with a law firm in the belief of stabilizing the incorporation into a long lasting upstanding fixture in the Madison landscape. We have reevaluated what we offer our league players to make sure they are getting the best treatment for their fees paid. We know our work is for the players of the Madison Ultimate Community.

Donations this year were the most since giving Hiestand Disc Golf Course to the Madison Parks Division in 1994. Willmar Center received cash from Disc’s On Ice, boys and girls teams were sponsored jerseys for The Ultimate Players Association (UPA) Youth Club Championships. The entire UPA College Championship Series was sponsored by MUFA for all the UW Madison Rec Sports Club Teams which included Sectional, Regional and National for three teams. Loans were made for indoor winter play, and to the UW Men’s Rec Sports Team for fund raising.

MUFA Board members have taken it upon themselves to understand what is happening outside Madison by attending conferences and meetings elsewhere. Brad Wendt Serves on the WI Disc Sports Association Board and was UPA Sectional Coordinator for 12 years. Dan Raabe serves the UPA as WI State Youth Coordindor and is a UPA Level I Coaches Clinic Instructor. Dan attended the Ultimate Revolution Round Table in MN. Robin Davies attended the UPA League Organizer Conference in Philadelphia and was voted into a 3 year term on the UPA Board of Directors.

MUFA sponsored 7 people through the UPA Level I and 5 people through the UPA Level II Coaches Clinics to help spread legal and intelligent ultimate hopefully in our school system. May ultimate grow from there.

As President I would like to thank all the board members for there forward thoughtful awareness. All league directors and volunteers have worked countless hours just so hundreds of people can have a blast throwing, chasing plastic and people. You are heroes. And the players make MUFA a living breathing community worth caring about.

Spirit Of The Game!

Brad Wendt 1/31/08

MUFA Public Meeting, Friday Feb. 1

Date February 1, 2008

 The MUFA board is going to host an open meeting on February 1st at 7pm at Memorial High School. The goal is to let the MUFA community give input into MUFA as a whole and the direction it is going. We hosted a similar public meeting last year around the same time.

We will have a small series of brief reports about Juniors, leagues, and finances.

Then we will have an open discussion for the rest of the time. This is your chance to talk about any ideas and concerns you have.

In order to make this an organized meeting and not just a chaotic mess, MUFA members (that’s everyone) should submit topics in writing to be added to the agenda by emailing them to (subject: attn:secretary) by January 22nd. We will then make an agenda of items to discuss from that and post it on MUFA chat before the meeting.

Please park in the parking lot at the corner of Mineral Point and Gammon. You will be entering the school on the side that faces Mineral Point Rd. When you are looking at Memorial there are two sets of doors, it is easiest to enter the set of doors on the left. Once you are in Memorial you want to take a left from the lobby (you will be heading west, towards Gammon rd.). The Wisconsin Neighborhood center is the last room on the left. We should have signs up to help.

There is another event at the high school that night so follow the directions and not the crowd.

Public Meeting Agenda
7pm February 1, 2008
Memorial high school

1. President’s report – Brad Wendt

2. Financial report – Matt Merrill

3. Website – Matt Merrill
– volunteer page

4. Leagues – Sue De Cicco

Spring League
– looking for league director(s)
– all-star game

Summer league
– ringer rule 2008
– expansion plans
– men playing on multiple teams in summer league – Dan Bock

Fall League
– league structure

5. MUFA grant system – Robin Davies

6. Position availability – Kris Stepenuck

Winter League Starts November 1st

Date October 20, 2007

Winter League starts November 1st, and lasts to March 20th. Games are pickup style, held at Breakaway Sports Pavillion, (,) Sundays and Thursday nights, 10:00 and 10:30 pm. Walk-on passes are about $8, discounts available for season passes. Cash, Checks, and Paypal are accepted. For more information and to sign up, email

Photos and Videos

Date October 19, 2007

If anyone takes some pictures or videos of the Fall League championship then we can post them on the MUFA site. We have a Flickr group for MUFA called “mufa”. We’ll post more details later for how to get photos on the MUFA site.

Let’s get some good photos and/or videos of Fall League and the Fall League Championship !