2018 Team color list

1 Disk 2 Disk Red Disk Blue Disk Lime Shock ST
12 Inch Discs Sand UC
2Spooky Azelia Pink UC
4th Class Relics black
8-inch Floppy Disc black
A Good Day to TryHard Atomic Blue ST
A Parliament of Owls red
Assistants to the Traveling Secretary white
Avengers: The Later Years Purple ST
Average Joes Charcoal UC
Backhand Baddies Purple ST
Backhanded Compliments white
Bae Blades Maroon UC
bangerang White UC
Bascom Swill Azelia Pink UC
Beer Me 5 Junk Slap gold
Best Friends Squad Red UC
Beta Blockers Forest Green UC
Bomb Snaps gold
Born in the Land of Sky Blue (Squadron) Waters Atomic Blue ST
Break-fast Club Atomic Blue ST
Breaking Wind Lime Shock ST
Callahan Job FC Sand UC
Can’t Touch Disc Atomic Blue ST
Cheetahs Navy UC
Childisc Gambino Atomic Blue ST
Compact Discs Charcoal UC
Cooper is the Best Dog orange
CUBE Atomic Blue ST
Cultured Yogurt orange
Dandy Lions kelly green
Dank Strats Azelia Pink UC
Darth Mybo red
Death Throw Black UC
Disc Jockeys Azelia Pink UC
Disc Pics Sand UC
Discertators Atomic Blue ST
Disc-fil-A Azelia Pink UC
Discfunctional Helconia Pink UC
DiscGrace red
Disciples Purple ST
Disc-It and Gravy kelly green
Discombobulated Orange UC
DiscPun Forest green
DISCR/Cut9 Helconia Pink UC
Discs Out For Harambe Atomic Blue ST
Disctopia Atomic Blue ST
Dominant Fat Sand UC
Drunk Chupacabra Lime Shock ST
DTF: Down to Flick Maroon UC
Earth Ninjas Black UC
Ex Frisbaes Purple ST
Exit 69 SeaFrost UC
Floaters Orange UC
Flying Hucks Kelly Green UC
Frisbabes Gold UC
Frisbee4dayz Lime Shock ST
Frisbeenacci Sequence Purple ST
Frisbeers White UC
frisBEES? SeaFrost UC
FrisBFFs White UC
Frisbings Kelly Green UC
Fugwump Helconia Pink UC
Game of Throws Forest green
GenghDisc Khan Sand UC
Ghost Squirrels Gold UC
Glitter Pirates XII Forest Green UC
Great Big D White UC
Green Eggs and Hammers Navy UC
Grimace and the Hamburglars Charcoal UC
Hammer Throw Shawty Black UC
Hammer, Hammer & Flick, LLP Maroon UC
Hammers White UC
HammersOnly.com Maroon UC
Happy Salmon Purple UC
Hold the Disc Atomic Blue ST
Honey Badgers Azelia Pink UC
Hope Floats 3: Hammers in the Wind SeaFrost UC
Hot Pie! Atomic Blue ST
How many girls does it take to make a Frisbee team Kelly Green UC
Huck Dynasty Red UC
Huck Huck Goose Forest Green UC
Huck Huck Goose Royal Blue UC
Huck Lords Atomic Blue ST
Huckleberry Hounds Maroon UC
Huckuna Matata SeaFrost UC
Jerkstore Purple ST
Jim Gold UC
Less Cheer, More Beer Sand UC
Lil’ Uzi Vert Stack Purple ST
Limp Discs Helconia Pink UC
Literally no one here works at Epic SeaFrost UC
Macrocycflick Stacktones Atomic Blue ST
Mad Carls White UC
Madtown Polar Bears Red UC
Make Cuts, Not War Charcoal UC
Massive Dump Atomic Blue ST
Maury’s Sleeperhold Forest Green UC
Mike Huckrone Purple ST
Mind the Gap Charcoal UC
Mini Giraffes SeaFrost UC
MUFAsa Royal Blue UC
Needle in a Ho Stack Lime Shock ST
Nerd Herd Orange UC
New Phone, Who Disc? Black UC
No Talent Ass Clowns Helconia Pink UC
No Taste SeaFrost UC
Northern Exposure Orange UC
Not just the dangerously dubious discmen, but the discwomen, and the dischildren too Black UC
Nuclear Wasted Royal Blue UC
Octicorns Helconia Pink UC
Old Ruffians Kelly Green UC
Old Tomatoes Lime Shock ST
Omar Gold UC
Our Drinking Team has an Ultimate Problem Azelia Pink UC
Pacifists With Discs Orange UC
Panthers Royal Blue UC
Parental Advisory Kelly Green UC
Peaked in HS Gold UC
Penultimates Azelia Pink UC
Purple Pain Azelia Pink UC
Reckless D-havior Helconia Pink UC
Red Squadron VIII: The Last Back Lime Shock ST
Re-do! Helconia Pink UC
Respiratory Discstress White UC
Ring of Fire White UC
Risky Frizzness SeaFrost UC
Rodents of Unusual Size: I’m XVIII and I Like It Purple UC
Rough Riders 2018 Forest Green UC
Ruth Badder Disc-burns Helconia Pink UC
sand people Royal Blue UC
Scoober Snacks Orange UC
Scoobery Woop Scoopity Doop Charcoal UC
Scotch Ale and APA, Please Red UC
Siberian Khatu White UC
Skinny Helmets Orange UC
Sofa Kingdom Black UC
Space Hucks SeaFrost UC
Spicy B’s Navy UC
Spotted Cows Royal Blue UC
Still Counting Gold UC
StripNGo White UC
Sultans of Swing Navy UC
Tardiscs Purple ST
Tasteful Nudes Royal Blue UC
TBD Purple ST
Teach Me How to Hucky Red UC
Team Awesome! Forest Green UC
Team Discount Red UC
Team Hot Stuff Charcoal UC
Team Name Color
Team Ramrod Purple ST
The Andrew Vig Experience 3.0 Forest Green UC
The Bacon Effect Black UC
The Cones of Dunshire Orange UC
The Decency Police Kelly Green UC
The Gut Microbiome Maroon UC
The Incredible Huck Maroon UC
The OC Royal Blue UC
The Otter Team Royal Blue UC
The Physbees Gold UC
The Single Banana White UC
The Team Who Must Not Be Named Navy UC
Three Buck Huck Royal Blue UC
Throwmodynamics Charcoal UC
Thundering Turtle Troupe Red UC
Thunderpants White UC
Tops and Bottoms Lime Shock ST
twolfpack Purple ST
Untitled 2 Navy UC
Up in the Air Royal Blue UC
Viking Meat Birds Forest Green UC
Warrior Princesses Navy UC
We Suck Red UC
West Ultimate SeaFrost UC
Whiskey disc Charcoal UC
Whiskey Disc Purple UC
Whiskey Discs Black UC
You Can’t Handle Us Royal Blue UC
Young Bloods Sand UC
Your Mom Orange UC
st = sport tek
UC = ultra club