2019 Team Color List (FALL)

AcadiaForest Green
ArchesCyber Pink
Big BendIsland Yellow
Black Canyon of the GunnisonBlack
Bryce CanyonCardinal
CanyonlandsIsland Yellow
Capitol ReefCalifornia Blue
Carlsbad CavernsBlack
Channel IslandsIsland Yellow
CongareeIsland Yellow
Crater LakeVintage Heather Red
Cuyahoga ValleyRoyal Blue
Death ValleyBurnt Orange
Dry TortugasWhite
EvergladesForest Green
Gates of the ArcticWhite
GlacierClassic Pink
Glacier BayWhite
Grand CanyonVintage Heather Navy
Grand TetonCalifornia Blue
Great BasinBurnt Orange
Great Sand DunesBurnt Orange
Guadalupe MountainsNeon Green
HaleakalaClassic Pink
Hawai’i VolcanoesTrue Red
Hot SpringsTrue Red
Indiana DunesForest Green
Isle RoyaleDeep Purple
Joshua TreeWhite
KatmaiDeep Purple
Kenai FjordsVintage Heather Navy
Kings CanyonKelly
Kobuk ValleyKelly
Lake ClarkBurnt Orange
Lassen VolcanicCardinal
Mammoth CaveNeon Green
Mesa VerdeVintage Heather Red
Mount RainierKelly Green
North CascadesCalifornia Blue
OlympicCalifornia Blue
Petrified ForestCyber Pink
PinnaclesCalifornia Blue
RedwoodTrue Red
Rocky MountainRoyal Blue
SaguroCalifornia Blue
SequoiaForest Green
ShenandoahForest Green
Smoky MountainsTrue Red
VoyageursKelly Green
Wind CaveRoyal Blue
YellowstoneIsland Yellow
ZionRoyal Blue

Team NameShirt Color
12 Inch DiscsAtomic Blue
2 Beer 2 CheerForest Green
4th Class RelicsTropic Blue
A Parliament of OwlsTropic Blue
Absolutely CloistereRoyal Blue
Aero BuddiesHeliconia Pink
Amateur Gods 2: ElecMaroon
Assistants to the TrMaroon
Average Joe’sBlack
Bae Bladespurple
Bascom SwillHeliconia Pink
Beer Me 5 Junk Slapwhite
Big Disc EnergyAtomic Blue
Big Doug’s HammersTexas Orange
Boat n’ Ho StacksMaroon
Born in the Land ofRed
Breaking RamrodHeliconia Pink
Bumpy RidersRed
Callahan JobGold
Can’t Touch DiscForest Green
Compact DiscsKelly
Cooper is the Best Dpurple
Cultured YogurtTropic Blue
Cuts Like a KnifeForest Green
Dandy LionsRed
Dank StratsHeliconia Pink
Death ThrowHeliconia Pink
Disc in a BoxKelly
Disc JockeysAtomic Blue
DiscappointmentsAtomic Blue
DiscertatorsTropic Blue
DisciplesTropic Blue
Disc-it and Gravyblack
DiscombobulatedLime Shock
DISCount Double ChecKelly
Discs Out For HarambSilver
Discy BusinessRed
Dominant Fatpurple
Drunk Chupacabrapurple
Dut DingersRoyal Blue
Earth Ninjasblack
Everybody DumpsRoyal Blue
Exercise scriptLime Shock
Exit 69Gold
Flat Ball TruthersKelly
FlickmingosHeliconia Pink
Flying HucksRoyal Blue
Forward Madison LakeCharcoal
Friendly FlickersSilver
FrisbeastsTexas Orange
Frisbeenacci SequencRed
Fugwump VSilver
Game of Throwspurple
GenghDisc KhanForest Green
Getting Viggy with iKelly
Ghost Squirrelspurple
Glitter Pirates XIIIHeliconia Pink
Great Big Dwhite
Green Eggs & Hammerspurple
Green Eggs and HammeTexas Orange
Grimace and the Hambblack
Hammer Rumpuswhite
Hammer Throw ShawtyKelly
Hammer, Hammer & FliRoyal Blue
HammersOnly.comRoyal Blue
Happy SalmonNavy 
Honey BadgersGold
Honey Bunches of HypForest Green
Hope Floats IV: 5Heliconia Pink
Hot Pie!Heliconia Pink
Huck Huck 2: Huck Huck HarderRed
Huck Huck GooseCharcoal
Huck Huck GooseSilver
Huckleberry HoundsTexas Orange
Hucky DoryMaroon
I’m pro Wizard QuestMaroon
Indecent Discposurewhite
It’s Circular – Thewhite
JerkstoreLime Shock
JIMForest Green
Late TeamWhite
Limp Discsblack
Mad CarlsKelly
Madtown Polar BearsSilver
Mark DumpsRoyal Blue
Massive DumpSilver
Mike HuckroneNavy 
Mind The GapRoyal Blue
Morpheus Walrusesblack
MUFAsa FCKelly
New Phone, Who Disc?Charcoal
No Talent Ass ClownsHeliconia Pink
Northern FlickersRoyal Blue
Old RuffiansNavy 
Old Town HucksGold
Omar’s School of Dispurple
Our Drinking Team haTexas Orange
Parental Advisory IIGold
Princess MyboMaroon
Red Squadron EpisodeCharcoal
Respirtory DiscstresKelly
Resting Disc FaceTexas Orange
Ring of FireIce Blue
Rodents of Unusual Swhite
Ruth Badder Disc-BurSilver
Ryan Shaw Play-Doh FSilver
Siberian KhatruHeliconia Pink
Sloth Co.Royal Blue
Sofa Kingdomwhite
Space HucksAtomic Blue
SPF 30 Ash StreetAtomic Blue
Spicy B’swhite
Spotted CowsForest Green
Still CountingLime Shock
Sultans of SwingAtomic Blue
Teach Me How to HuckKelly
Team Awesome!Red
Team DiscountNavy 
Team Hot StuffGold
The Bacon EffectCharcoal
The Cones of Dunshirwhite
The Curshblack
The Decency PoliceKelly
The Flatball All-StaNavy 
The Flying SaucersRed
The Gut MicrobiomeRed
The Incredible HuckMaroon
The OCAtomic Blue
The Otter TeamAtomic Blue
The PhysbeesGold
The Single BananaCharcoal
The Team Who Must NoIce Blue
Three Buck HuckNavy 
Thundering Turtle TrLime Shock
Tops and BottomsAtomic Blue
Try Hard with a VengAtomic Blue
Twolfpack II: The TwRed
UltimatumIce Blue
Up in the Rainbow PiAtomic Blue
Warrior PrincessesTexas Orange
We SuckIce Blue
We Survived The SnapGold
Whiskey DiscTropic Blue
Women with BaggageAtomic Blue
WumbologyIce Blue
Young BloodsTropic Blue