About MUFA

The Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association (MUFA) is an official not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for people to play Ultimate. MUFA is responsible for 4 leagues, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Our leagues are co-ed with a 4/3 gender ratio and open to players of all ages.

Contact Us

Please Contact Us with any questions, comments, or suggestions.

History of MUFA

MUFA was founded in 1993 by a group of people who loved Ultimate. Read the history of MUFA for the story on how MUFA came to be what it is today, written by one of MUFA’s founders and long-time President, Brad Wendt. A detailed record of MUFA leagues and info can be found in the timeline on the MUFA Facebook page.

Current Board Members

MUFA is run by a group of dedicated, non-paid, individuals.

  • Pete Schramm – President
  • Matt Merrill – Vice President
  • Amy Payne – Treasurer
  • Sue De Cicco – Secretary
  • Robyn Fennig – Women’s Chair
  • Sara Lazenby – Youth Chair
  • Nathan Kleinhans – At-Large Member

Please feel free to contact MUFA with any questions.

MUFA Complaint Policy

Effective May 2008: here

MUFA Trans-gender Policy

Anyone going through the process of switching their gender can play as that gender. They are consider to be the gender they identify as and the usual MUFA rules about gender would apply