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Date March 4, 2009

Spring League 2009 – see the spring league page for more info.

Late Disc and Shirt Pickup

Date June 1, 2008

All shirts and discs that weren’t picked up at Harvey St. on June 1will be available for pickup at Netherworld Games at 334 W. MIfflin St. starting June 4th from noon-midnight. Some teams that stopped by Harvey st. picked up their shirts but not their discs. Those discs will also be available.

Summer League 2008

Date April 29, 2008

Please contact falldisc@yahoo.com with any questions. Registration will open on May 1. Deadline for registering your team is May 15. You can sign up players after that through June, but they won’t get a shirt. What’s New 1. New ringer rule (applies to all leagues) 2. Friday Masters league 3. Entry fee is $28. Summer […]

December 14, 2007 MUFA Board Minutes

Date March 7, 2008

MADISON ULTIMATE FRISBEE ASSOCIATION Inc. December 14, 2007 6:30 pm Memorial Union Present: Brad, Robin, Sue, Matt, Kris, Dan, KJ Reports 1. Bank account a. Checking b. CD and other investments 2. Juniors a. MSCR – cannot add any more programs – We could place an add in the MSCR catalog for a summer camp […]

President’s 2007 Annual Report

Date February 6, 2008

The 15th year of Madison Ultimate Frisbee Association Inc. (MUFA) existence was truly the most productive. Most importantly our leagues set record number of players with Summer League having 88 teams, 1764 players, a 29% growth from 2006. Better quality jerseys were added to increase the worth of the great deal summer league players get […]

MUFA Public Meeting, Friday Feb. 1

Date February 1, 2008

┬áThe MUFA board is going to host an open meeting on February 1st at 7pm at Memorial High School. The goal is to let the MUFA community give input into MUFA as a whole and the direction it is going. We hosted a similar public meeting last year around the same time. We will have […]

Photos and Videos

Date October 19, 2007

If anyone takes some pictures or videos of the Fall League championship then we can post them on the MUFA site. We have a Flickr group for MUFA called “mufa”. We’ll post more details later for how to get photos on the MUFA site. Let’s get some good photos and/or videos of Fall League and […]