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Late Disc and Shirt Pickup

Date June 1, 2008

All shirts and discs that weren’t picked up at Harvey St. on June 1will be available for pickup at Netherworld Games at 334 W. MIfflin St. starting June 4th from noon-midnight. Some teams that stopped by Harvey st. picked up their shirts but not their discs. Those discs will also be available.

Spring League Update!

Date March 15, 2008

Check out the Spring League page for updated information regarding Spring League and links to registration.

Winter League Starts November 1st

Date October 20, 2007

Winter League starts November 1st, and lasts to March 20th. Games are pickup style, held at Breakaway Sports Pavillion, (www.breakawaysports.com,) Sundays and Thursday nights, 10:00 and 10:30 pm. Walk-on passes are about $8, discounts available for season passes. Cash, Checks, and Paypal are accepted. For more information and to sign up, email WinterDisc@gmail.com

Fall League Finals – October 19

Date October 18, 2007

The Fall League Finals are on Friday, October 19 at Warner Park. The Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday only, and Thursday only leagues are having their finals. Weather Warning: Stay tuned because the weather is supposed to be bad. We’ve never canceled a Fall League finals yet, but there’s a first time for everything. Everyone is welcome […]