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Registration stays open for teams until May 15. A team is confirmed for a division when it has 4 paid men and 4 paid women on the roster. Registration is open for individuals until June 30. We have limited space in each of the divisions so if days of the week or game times really matter to you then get your team registered and confirmed ASAP.




  1. Competitive League
  2. Swiss ABCD
  3. Rec B
  4. Rec C
  5. Rec D

There is also an Open Hat League (see below).


June 1  through August 14.

Early games are at 6:00. Late games are at 7:30.The games start earlier beginning in mid to  late July, 5:45 for the early game, 7:15 for the late game.

Some nights there may be only one game on some fields so the game will start at 6:30.

There is a Rec B, C, and D finals on Thursday, August 13 (Subject to change at this time).

There will be an end of season finals/party for everyone on Friday, August 14 (Subject to change at this time).


http://www.mufa.org/summer/L473.pdf and   http://www.mufa.org/summer/T473.pdf


League Caps:
Due to space limitations, we might need to cap the number of teams in each league this year. If you have a strong preference for a particular league and days of the week that you play, get your team signed up AND your players paid ASAP.

Wednesdays Only

Open Hat – Wednesdays 7:30 – every year there are men who can’t find a team, as well as many men who want more than 2 nights per week of games (men are only allowed one coed team). We hope that this league will provide a place to play for these people and an extra night of ultimate for some. Men can play this league in addition to their coed team. Women may also play in this league if they choose, but there is no gender requirement i.e. either team can put all of one gender on the line regardless of what gender mix the other team has. You may sign up with one other person (1 baggage). The games will be at 7:30 to allow Swiss players to participate if they wish.


All Monday/Wednesday leagues have both 6 and 7:30 games.

Competitive – Same as Last Year
Rec B – Same as Last Year
Rec C – Same as Last Year
Rec D – Same as Last Year


Swiss ABC (Consists of mostly Rec A, B and C teams. You have the option of having most if not all 7:30 games if you like.)

Swiss D (Rec D 7:30 from last year is now part of the Rec D Swiss)

Teams may be moved from Swiss ABC to Swiss D and vice versa to improve competitive balance later in the season.

Parent Friendly League on Mondays  – Women may play in this league and any other league(s). Men may play in this league and one other coed league.

Why a Swiss League (and what is it?):

A Swiss League simply means that your opponent is determined by how well you did the previous games. Once everyone has entered the scores for a given game, you will be assigned your next opponent. Every Friday afternoon your schedule for the next week will be posted. Most games will be at 6 pm so although you won’t know where your game is at the beginning of the season, it will usually be 6pm. You do have the option of requesting mostly 7:30 games if that works best for your team.

The benefit of a Swiss system is that it doesn’t matter as much which league you sign up for. If you do really well, your opponents will be someone else who is also doing well. If you’re struggling, you will be matched with another team that is not as strong. All teams will still sign up as Rec B and C and your initial games will be within those groups.

Another benefit of a having a 6 pm league is that late games can be tough for people with small children and those with other evening obligations. Similarly, some people have trouble making the early games due to work or commutes, so mostly 7:30 games should be helpful to them.


Who is a Ringer:

Any person under the age of 35 as of June 1 who:
1. has played at college Division I Nationals or Club Nationals (not including masters)
2. is on a current (or past) professional ultimate team roster, including the AUDL and MLU (e.g. Madison Radicals)

Players 35 and older are not ringers.

Roster and Team Restrictions for ringers:

1. Competitive league – a maximum of 4 male and 3 female ringers per roster
2. All Rec leagues – a maximum of 2 male and 2 female ringers per roster
3. All leagues – a maximum of 2 male and 2 female ringers playing on the field at any given time.


Maps to all of the parks

Field Layouts

Diagram for Brittingham.

Baxter Park: Baxter Park has 2 fields. (777 Englehart Dr)Diagram for Baxter
Burr Jones: Burr Jones has two fields, both parallel to the Yahara river. Diagram for Burr Jones.
Glacier Hill: Glacier Hill has 4 fields. Diagram for Glacier
Midtown Commons: Midtown Commons has 4 fields. Diagram for Midtown Commons.
North Star Park: North Star Park has 6 fields (there is an additional field on the south side of the bike path now). Diagram for North Star
Blackhawk Park: Blackhawk Park has 2 fields.(741 Bear Claw Way)Diagram for Blackhawk
Olin Park: Olin Park has 2 fields.Diagram for Olin
Orlando  Bell: Orlando Bell  as 3 fields. Two of them are on one side of the park and the third is on the other. Diagram for Orlando Bell.

Sandstone: Sandstone has 2 fields. Diagram for Sandstone.


Burr Jones

Teams will rank their division preferences (west or central/east). Baxter, Blackhawk, Manchester, Midtown Commons, Sandstone, and Stoner Prairie are west. Brittingham, Burr Jones, North Star, Olbrich, Orlando Bell, Secret Places, and Veteran’s Memorial are central/east.

Teams in the central/east area will play most of their games in one of the central/east parks, teams in the west will play most of their games at west and occasional in the central/east parks.



$33 for the Team Leagues. $20 for the Open Hat League, and $20 for the Parent Friendly League.

Everyone must register online. If you can’t pay online then get a teammate to do it for you.


Every Player gets…

  • Around 16 league games followed by playoffs

  • End of season finals/party with free food and beer
  • Nice quality synthetic team shirt (size, color, style not guaranteed) if you PAY by May 15
  • Summer League disc
  • Each team gets 2 free pitchers of beer at the Great Dane after each game

Shirts are colored by team.


How many teams can you play on?

Men sign up on one team for Summer League Team Leagues. Women can sign up on one team in each Team League (competitive, Swiss ABC and Swiss D. Rec B MW, Rec B TR etc.) if they wish.

Any player may sign up with the Wednesday Open Hat League as well.

Anyone who is under 18 on June 3 must have a youth waiver turned in before they can play. Information for waivers is available on the Youth page. You must be at least 14 on June 1, 2015 to participate in this league.


How teams are made up

Teams are created by the players.

Deadline for creating a team

A team needs 4 men and 4 women signed up to be officially entered in Summer League and get shirts ordered. The deadline for that is May 15. You can still register additional players up to June 30, but they won’t get a shirt and a disc.

Roster Sizes

There are no roster limits. Teams can have as many men and women on their teams as they wish.

Gender Ratio

Summer League is a coed league with a 4/3 gender ratio, offense decides. What that means is that there must be at least 3 players of each gender on the field at all times. The team receiving the disc is the offense and they decide each point whether the gender ratio will be 4 men and 3 women or 4 women and 3 men.

Team Rating

Each team will give a team rating from 1 to 10 that is an estimate of how well they think they will do in a league. 10 if you think your team will finish in the top 10%, 1 if you think your team will finish in the bottom 10%, etc. It only comes into play if we need to split leagues up and also in the Swiss for seedings.

Which League should my team play in?

We generally recommend that new teams play in Rec D. If you’re played before then you generally have a good idea of which league is best. If you’re really not sure which league to sign up for then email us at mufadisc@gmail.com.

Adding Players/Finding a Team

The registration deadline is May 15. Teams can still add players until June 30, but they may or may not get shirts depending on supply. We think we ordered enough discs to cover extra people, but no guarantees. If you still need a team then make a post on MUFA chat in the forum for finding a Summer League team.


Each team will create a team password that everyone who is playing on that team signs up with. It works just like the baggage password in Spring and Fall League.