Fall League Finals – October 19

Date October 18, 2007

The Fall League Finals are on Friday, October 19 at Warner Park. The Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday only, and Thursday only leagues are having their finals.

Weather Warning: Stay tuned because the weather is supposed to be bad. We’ve never canceled a Fall League finals yet, but there’s a first time for everything.

Everyone is welcome to come out and partake in the fun and free food and beer.

The schedule is:
6:45 Wednesday Co-ed Championship game – Warner field 5

  • #1 Dr. Octopus vs #2 Darth Sideous

6:45 Thursday Co-ed Championship game – Warner field 3

  • #1 Magneto vs #3 Shredder

7:15 Tuesday/Thursday Co-ed Championship Game – Warner field 2

  • #1 Dark Helmet vs #6 Doctor Doom

7:45 Monday/Wednesday Co-ed Championship Game – Warner field 1

  • #1 Cobra Commander vs. #7 Venger

The times are more compressed than usual because Warner isn’t available any earlier and the parking lot at Demetral is inaccessible.

Dress Warmly ! It might seem like it’s not too cold, but it really starts feeling cold if you’re just standing around watching games. You probably should bring an umbrella, gloves, a warm winter coat and a hat or headband.

The Great Dane is providing free food and beer just like at the Summer League Finals.

New Web site

Date October 16, 2007

The MUFA site has a new look and design in an effort to make it more of a site for the MUFA community. The site is set up so that anyone in MUFA can edit pages on the site and add new ones.

All you need to do is sign up and create an account using the link in the lower right of the home page. That lets you be a member. ThenĀ  send an email to falldisc@yahoo.com and we will enable your account so you can edit and add posts and pages.

The hope is that everyone can work together on a site and build a great site together. Example areas that we can work on:

1. Make a page for your team.
2. Help expand the section on the history of MUFA.
3. Help put together past information on our leagues such as the winners and teams involved.
4. Make pages for the pickup games with updated information and maps.
5. Make pages for local tournaments.
6. Help build the list of links and related resources.
7. Make announcements on the MUFA home page.
8. Post news items about Ultimate in Madison such as tournament results for Madison teams and other news.

… and whatever else you think of.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed for this page so you are always alerted to MUFA announcements.

The site is in transition and will likely change again soon as we add some more features.