MUFA Public Meeting, Friday Feb. 1

Date February 1, 2008

 The MUFA board is going to host an open meeting on February 1st at 7pm at Memorial High School. The goal is to let the MUFA community give input into MUFA as a whole and the direction it is going. We hosted a similar public meeting last year around the same time.

We will have a small series of brief reports about Juniors, leagues, and finances.

Then we will have an open discussion for the rest of the time. This is your chance to talk about any ideas and concerns you have.

In order to make this an organized meeting and not just a chaotic mess, MUFA members (that’s everyone) should submit topics in writing to be added to the agenda by emailing them to (subject: attn:secretary) by January 22nd. We will then make an agenda of items to discuss from that and post it on MUFA chat before the meeting.

Please park in the parking lot at the corner of Mineral Point and Gammon. You will be entering the school on the side that faces Mineral Point Rd. When you are looking at Memorial there are two sets of doors, it is easiest to enter the set of doors on the left. Once you are in Memorial you want to take a left from the lobby (you will be heading west, towards Gammon rd.). The Wisconsin Neighborhood center is the last room on the left. We should have signs up to help.

There is another event at the high school that night so follow the directions and not the crowd.

Public Meeting Agenda
7pm February 1, 2008
Memorial high school

1. President’s report – Brad Wendt

2. Financial report – Matt Merrill

3. Website – Matt Merrill
– volunteer page

4. Leagues – Sue De Cicco

Spring League
– looking for league director(s)
– all-star game

Summer league
– ringer rule 2008
– expansion plans
– men playing on multiple teams in summer league – Dan Bock

Fall League
– league structure

5. MUFA grant system – Robin Davies

6. Position availability – Kris Stepenuck

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