Fall League Finals – October 19

Date October 18, 2007

The Fall League Finals are on Friday, October 19 at Warner Park. The Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, Wednesday only, and Thursday only leagues are having their finals.

Weather Warning: Stay tuned because the weather is supposed to be bad. We’ve never canceled a Fall League finals yet, but there’s a first time for everything.

Everyone is welcome to come out and partake in the fun and free food and beer.

The schedule is:
6:45 Wednesday Co-ed Championship game – Warner field 5

  • #1 Dr. Octopus vs #2 Darth Sideous

6:45 Thursday Co-ed Championship game – Warner field 3

  • #1 Magneto vs #3 Shredder

7:15 Tuesday/Thursday Co-ed Championship Game – Warner field 2

  • #1 Dark Helmet vs #6 Doctor Doom

7:45 Monday/Wednesday Co-ed Championship Game – Warner field 1

  • #1 Cobra Commander vs. #7 Venger

The times are more compressed than usual because Warner isn’t available any earlier and the parking lot at Demetral is inaccessible.

Dress Warmly ! It might seem like it’s not too cold, but it really starts feeling cold if you’re just standing around watching games. You probably should bring an umbrella, gloves, a warm winter coat and a hat or headband.

The Great Dane is providing free food and beer just like at the Summer League Finals.

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