Spring League

Spring League 2016

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Womens Leagues and Clinics

Women may sign up for any or all womens or coed leagues

1. Monday Intermediate and Wednesday Advanced Womens League (Stoner Prairie, Some Central/East)

– Intermediate level players are encouraged to sign up for Monday Intermediate and Thursday Rec and/or Tuesday Clinic. Advanced Level Players are encouraged to sign up for Monday Intermediate and Wednesday Advanced.

– Advanced rating = Must be a 12 or higher. Must be at least a 4 on throwing and a 4 on experience.*

– Baggage for Advanced League is 2.

– Teams will be created so that women who are playing on both days will have mostly the same teammates on M and W.

2. Tuesday Womens Clinics (Brittingham) – Required for Thursday Rec League

3. Thursday Womens Rec League (Glacier Hill) – Signing up for Thursdays means signing up for Tuesdays as well.

Mens Leagues

Men may sign up for two mens leagues or 1 mens and 1 coed league

1. Monday/Wednesday Mens League (Stoner Prairie and Central/East TBA)

2. Tuesday Mens League (East Side Fields and Stoner Prairie)

3. Thursday Mens League (Stoner Prairie and Swan Creek)

Baggage is 4 for Mens League, Aggregate Total of a Baggage cannot exceed 56.

Coed Leagues

1. Thursday Recreational Coed League – Northstar/Secret Places

– Note: There is no preferred baggage entrance for Spring League Coed. If one of the baggage pair is waitlisted, they are not guaranteed a spot regardless of gender.

2. Thursday Advanced Coed Draft League (Northstar)

– Advanced Participants Must be a 12 or higher to signup.*

Games will tentatively begin April 11 depending on field availability. All leagues are hat leagues with a baggage of up to 4 people for single gender leagues except Women’s Advanced and 2 people for Women’s Advanced and Coed Rec. There is no baggage for Coed Advanced Draft. Parents teams will be available for MW leagues. Games will start at 6pm.

League Costs

Womens Advanced – Monday/Wed – $35

Womens Intermediate – Monday/Thursday – $35

Womens Rec League – Tuesday & Thursday – $20

Womens rec Tuesday only – $15

Womens Adv Wednesday only – $20


Mens Monday & Wednesday – $35

Mens Tuesday – $20

Mens Thursday – $20


Coed Advanced Draft Thursday – $20

Coed Recreational Draft Thursday – $20

All leagues include a spring league disc with registration.

New Rating System*

MUFA will debut a new rating system for Spring 2016. Rating will be done in three categories:

Athleticism Rating
How would you describe your athleticism? (Note: Even if you are injured, you are only a 1 if you are going to be highly immobile the entire season.)
1 – Slow/old/broken – basically need a cane to play
2 – Not athletic and out of shape
3 – In decent shape, can usually find someone to guard comfortably
4 – In good shape but can’t get open at will
5 – Good physical condition and can get open consistently and/or get discs in the air against other players
6 – In excellent condition; can get open on almost anybody and win many discs in the air
7 – High level athlete; basically unguardable
Throws Rating
How would you describe your throws?
1 – Do not know how to throw a frisbee
2 – Just learning how to throw, not confident in any throws
3 – Can throw backhand with some confidence but not forehand
4 – Can throw backhand and forehand consistently, but with limited range
5 – Can make most throws consistently and have at least one accurate deep throw
6 – Can make just about any throw most distances
7 – Can make almost any throw to any space at any time against any mark
Experience Rating
What is your experience with ultimate? (If your rating is 4 or lower, add a +1 if you feel comfortable teaching strategy.)
1 – New to ultimate frisbee
2 – Pickup player or less than two years league experience
3 – Have played in a Lower-Level (Rec C/Low Swiss or lower) League for a few years
4 – Limited college experience or several years of league experience
5 – Some tournament experience/several years of experience in a mid-level league (Mid-Swiss/Rec B) or higher
6 – Regionals Level Player
7 – Nationals Level Player or Professional