Hall of Fame

Madison Summer League Hall of Fame

2007 Champs
Mongoose 2007 Advanced League Champions

2007 Rec Champs
Nap & Rally 2007 Rec League Champions

2006 Champs
Black Mamba 2006 Advanced League Champions

2006 Rec Champs
Plasmoner and Associates 2006 Rec League Champions

2005 Rec Champs
Unknown 2005 Advanced League Champions

2005 Advanced RU
Safety Donkey 2005 Advanced League Runners-Up

2005 Rec Champs
Unknown 2005 Rec1A Champions

2005 Rec1A Runners Up
Unknown 2005 Rec1A Runners-Up

2005 Rec1B Champs
Unknown 2005 Rec1B Champions

2005 Rec1b runners up
Unknown-2005 Rec1B Runners-Up

Axis of Knievel-2004 Advanced League Champions

Team Discount-2004 Rec1 League Champions

Hammer of Justice-2004 Rec2 League Champions

2004 Cheer

2003 Advanced League Champs MOFOPOHO

2003 Rec League Champs Mad Hucker Gone Mad

Advanced League Runners-Up Safety First

Rec League Runners-Up When Cousins Marry

MoFo Cheer2002

2002 Comp. League Champs MoFoPoHo

2002 Comp. League Runner-Up Team Sideline

2002 Rec League Champs Afflicted

A Naughty Cheer!

2001 Experienced Champs the Naughty Schoolgirls

E-League Runners Up- MoFoPoHo

2001 Intermediate Champs-When Cousins Marry

I-League Runners Up- Disquick

B-League Champs Brute Squad and Runners Up Discgrace

2000 Experienced League Champs- Superfly Octopi

2000 Intermediate Champs- Southern Energy

2000 Beginner League Champs- Discombobulated

1999 Experienced League Champions Boy Named Sue

1999 Beginner League Champions Pancho Bapues Happy Bottoms Riding Club

1999 Experienced League Runner Up Infinte Can of Whup-Ass

1999 Beginner League Runner Up Cooter!

1998 E League Champions With Your Johnson

1998 B League Champions Ill Riders

1998 E League Runner-Up A Boy Named Sue

1998 B League Runner-Up Storm


  • 2007 Mongoose (Competitive Division)
  • 2007 Nap & Rally (Recreational Division)
  • 2006 Black Mamba (Competitive Division)
  • 2006 Plasmoner and Associates (Recreational Division)
  • 2001 Naughty Schoolgirls (Experienced Division)
  • 2001 When Cousins Marry (Intermediate Division)
  • 2001 The Brute Squad (Beginner Division)
  • 2000 Superfly Octopi (Experienced Division)
  • 2000 Southern Energy (Intermediate Division)
  • 2000 Discombobulated (Beginner Division)
  • 1999 A Boy Named Sue over Infinite Can of Whup-Ass (Experienced Division)
  • 1999 Pancho Bapues Happy Bottoms Riding Club over Cooter! (Beginner Division)
  • 1998 With Your Johnson over A Boy Named Sue (Experienced Division)
  • 1998 Ill Riders over Storm (Beginner Division)
  • 1997 With Your Johnson over Planet Blue
  • 1996 Runnin Gunners over Quetzalcoatl
  • 1995 Send Martin Deep over Screaming Amoebas
  • 1994 With Your Johnson over Alpine Flyers