View a map of the area fields.

Fall League Fields

Demetral Maps

Demetral Park has 2 lighted fields in outfields of softball fields.

Warner Park Maps

Warner Park has 4 lighted fields in outfields of softball fields.

Spring League

Spring League is played at Manchester Park and Stoner Prairie Park.

We have maps to the fields including bike routes. If you’re interested in a bike map for the entire city then you can get a Madison Bike map from the city’s Web site.

To get to Manchester Park, take Verona Road south to Hwy PD (Mckee Road) and hang a right onto Hwy PD. Then take a left onto Manchester Road and the park will be a block and a half down on on the right.

To get to Stoner praire park, take Seminole Hwy south to Lacy Road. Turn left onto Lacy Road. Then turn left onto Devoro. Go down a few blocks and turn left into the parking lot between the schools.

There are other ways to get to those parks, but those are just two straightforward and easy ways to get to them.

Map with bike routes to Manchester Park and Stoner Prairie park.

Manchester Park

Machester Park has 4 fields.

Stoner Prairie Park

Stoner Praire Park has 5 fields

Summer League

Olbrich Park

Olbrich has 4 fields.

Brittingham Park

Brittingham as 2 fields that are side by side running sort of parallel with the road.

Manchester Park

Manchester Park has 4 fields.

Burr Jones Park

Burr Jones Park has 2 fields, both parallel to the Yahara river.

Winter League

Winter League is played indoors at Breakaway Sports.