navy ?Plants

navy 4 8 15 16 23 42

navy 5 FINGER discOUNT

navy Absinthe Minded

forest green Average Joe's

white Bad News Badgers

white Big Money, No Whammies

white Billy Mays and the OxiCleaners

navy By the Power of Grayskull

black Carpe Discus

orange Cheetahs Never Lose

scarlet Cheetahs Never Win

forest green Crayola Revolution

black CrazySexyCool

black Death Throw

white DiscGrace

grass green Disc-O Inferno

orange Discombobulated

forest green Drake Hotel & Casino

forest green Earth Ninjas

grass green EGL Posse

black el camino

grass green EMU Riders

orange Epic Cheetah

forest green Flash Disc

navy Frisbeenacci Sequence

white Frisbeers

orange Frisky Business Featuring the Big Dirty

white Fruit of the Boom

forest green Galloping Octopi

orange galway

white Ghost Squirrels

orange Glitter Pirates v2.0

forest green gofish

navy Gone Fishin'

orange Green Eggs and Hammers

black Heavy Petting Zoo

black Here for Beer

grass green Holy Hand Grenades

white Huck Foo

grass green Huck Foo: The Legend Continues

white Huck Norris

black Icy Dager

black It's better in the dark

grass green JAG

grass green Jammie Dodgers

orange Jershon

forest green Jimmy Legs

scarlet King Cheetah

white Kissing Daniel Wang

orange Klaus Teuber Allstars

black Land Sharks

scarlet Liars and Cheetahs

grass green Los Renegades

navy Mad City Rockers

forest green Mad Sas

orange Magic Fingers

forest green moobs & cougs

white Mufasa

forest green Mutually Assured Disctruction

navy My Disc in a Box

black No Talent Ass Clowns

black Oedipus and the Mamas Boys

orange Onager

grass green Pandamonium

forest green Powerthirst: Rocket Edition

navy Quickie Von Quick Quick

navy Ring of Fire

white Ring of Fire

scarlet Rodents 8

white RUFF

scarlet Savage Cheetah

grass green Secchi Disc

black Silly Hats Only

black Slick Williker

grass green Slipped Discs

forest green Sofa Kingdom

navy Strip & Go

orange Summer Eye Candy Superhero Experience (SECS-E)

forest green Team Awesome!

grass green Team Discount

orange Team Hot Stuff

orange Team Zissou

forest green Terrapin Station

white Testside Westicles

black That Team

grass green That's What She Said Again

navy The Aggro-Crag

grass green The Alliance of Magicians

forest green The Bacon Effect

white The Cramps

navy The Disc-iples

forest green The Foxes

white The Guild of Calamitous Intent

orange The Huckaneers

white The Other White Meat

navy The Tony Danza Frisbee Bonanza

scarlet The Worlds Greatest

grass green They Who Cannot Be Named

grass green Tom Murray and the Mark Breakers

white Too Plastered to Cast

orange Vaguely Discuieting

white Velcro Smurfs

grass green Vicious Hippies

forest green Virus Pirates

forest green Wabbits

white Whiskey Disc

grass green Wildebeest

forest green Windy Chinchillas

orange Yellow Submarine

orange Your Mom