Friday, September 28, 2007


First tournament THIS WEEKEND! Get really excited! Check out our schedule for who we play and when. Our first game isn't until 10:30, but we'll plan on getting to the fields around 9:15.

Be prepared for the tournament! You've gotten emails on what to bring, but know your own body and bring anything extra you might need like a shade umbrella, braces or wraps, athletic tape, icy-hot, etc. etc. you know the drill. The weather should be beautiful, sunny and 75° both days (sunscreen!) so we shouldn't have to worry too much about rain gear.

Anyway, the games this weekend are meant to introduce you to a tournament atmosphere and get us used to playing with each other against other teams. I know we've played together quite a bit in scrimmages, but be prepared for things to get a little more difficult against people who are playing different offenses. Please ask questions constantly until you feel you understand completely. Those of you who have been playing ultimate for a while, make a big effort to not confuse things on the field, and be talking constantly.

More importantly than anything, though, is getting to know each other. Any team that wants to play well together does so much better when they're friends. So have fun! Ask people stupid questions, like, "if you had to be immersed in a vat of any kind of food, what would it be?" (and my answer would definitely be
cottage cheese, thanks for asking). The point is: have fun, have fun, have fun, get addicted to ultimate, gain 27+ new friends, and come back satisfyingly exhausted with a Hucktoberfest winner's mug.

I can't wait girls! See you on the field (unless you're in my mom-mobile, in which case, you're all doomed to an hour of camp songs and word games).

Love, Georgia


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