Monday, October 20, 2008

No Wisconsequences

After winning Hucktoberfest in September, the team was looking forward to some more competition at the Milwaukee Polo fields this past weekend. No Wisconsequences, a Cultimate-run event co-hosted by the Madison teams, was a huge success in its first year. 

The women's team worked hard all weekend, winning their first three games with a total of 5 points scored against them. The final game of the day was against UW-Eau Claire, the under-seeded powerhouse led by Robyn Fennig. The entire game the teams traded points, with a lot of physical competition and sick grabs and D's. Bella finally pulled ahead and managed to win 14-12. 
Sunday morning the team gathered to warm up, enjoying a first round bye and cheering on the B team in their game. The wind had picked up quite a bit, and warming up looked a little messier than Saturday. The first game was against Illinois (Menace), who won the flip and called the downwind endzone to start. At the beginning it looked like trading points would follow the wind direction, but suddenly 5 upwind points scored in a row by both teams left Bella up a break, 8-6. Halftime began, but the points had taken so long that the hardcap went on and the game was suddenly over, bringing Bella into semis.
The next game was against Colorado (Kali), who also won the flip, calling the downwind side. This game was tight, with a lot of downwind hucks and man defense on the upwind. Kali was up a break at halftime, 8-5, with the cap going on at 7-5 (game to 9). An intense halftime huddle pumped up the team, with sidelines going crazy and the on-field players ready to roll. The first point Bella scored downwind easily, bringing it to 8-6. Knowing the pressure, the team amped it up even more, needing an upwind break now or never. Beautifully placed throws and sick catches in the wind finally earned the point. 8-7. The next point Kali almost scored the upwinder for the game, but Bella's defense put the disc back in Wisconsin's control. The downwinder was scored, hardcap was on, it was universe point, 8-8. The defense got the D almost immediately after the pull, and started to work it upfield smoothly, but a dump throw miscommunication allowed Kali to get the disc back and score for the win. Disappointed, but still fired up, Bella looked forward to a third place game against Carleton, Syzygy. 
This game started close, but with Syzygy only bringing 10 players to the tournament, it was clear that the weekend had taken its toll. Bella scored upwind points easily, strategizing around Carleton's zone, and playing amazing defense the entire game. The final score was a strong 11-4, giving Wisconsin a third place finish to end the tournament. 
Next tournament, CCC in Athens, GA, November 8-9!


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