Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rachael Westgate - Central Region FOTY 2009!
Meet freshman Rachael Westgate, #26. Originally from Andover, MA, Rachael came to us this year with an extensive understanding and love of the game that translated directly to her quick integration into our starting defensive line. Sick layout d's, fantastic throws, and aggressive, consistently open cuts are all in the daily life of Rachael Westgate. 
She's an amazing team player, pouring heart and soul into Bella, whether it's dominating like a 5th year on the field, shouting like crazy on the sideline, outstripping most of the team in workouts, or lifting on her own time, Rachael embodies everything that Bella Donna strives for. 
Rachael Westgate for Central Region FOTY 2009! Watch for her in Northfield this weekend at regionals where she'll be dominating both the d and the o lines.


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