Saturday, October 24, 2009

Introducing Bella Donna 2010

Midwest Warmup

The Wisconsin ladies are stacked with talent...
Bella Donna Fall 2009:

Brandon Malecek - Coach
Courtney Kiesow - Coach
Georgia Bosscher - Captain, Callahan, Fury Club Champion
Emelie McKain - Captain, fiery competitor
Shira Klane - Officer, baller
Jenny Koll - Officer, training the hardest
Becca Ludford - Officer, speedster
Laura Bitterman - fastest ever and considering lifting,
Sandy Jorgensen - D-1 athlete, Scandal
Jenny Gaynor - wishes she were Jon
Maria Mahowald - wishes she were Drew
Rebecca "Reebs" Enders - surprisingly under the radar
Rachael Westgate - FOTY returns
Aimee Speaker - will D you
Erin Moran - ice cream scooper
Al Ellis - has style
Sydney Dobkin - Paideia import
Julie Chen, ridiculously athletic
Erin Newman - on the fast-track
Michelle Hofeldt - Athlete X
Spring Tryouts:
Frances Tsukano - Showdown
Elizabeth Vu - Grad school
Sara Scott - Seattle import
Laura Schott - skype availability limited
Leah Alstad


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