Friday, March 7, 2008

And so it begins

Friday night. The eve of our first tournament. Some of us are in the cities celebrating birthdays and the weekend. Some of us are in Madison gearing up to leave in the morning. All of us are unsure of what tomorrow will bring. Whether we get rolled or do some rolling ourselves, one thing is for sure - we will finally be a team. No longer just occasional acquaintances and practice buddies, but teammates and friends. For the first time in our short history, we will all be on the same line with the same objective. We'll be experiencing firsthand what a "force backhand" means and what an open lane looks like. We'll be cutting deep and breaking marks. In the end, however, these individual accomplishments will fade into the background. As we drive home Sunday morning, what I hope we come away with is a sense of team. A sense of belonging and committing to something larger than ourselves. mad-donne. I can't even wait for the morning.....


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