Players looking for team

(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Male-matching Newbie
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) David Moskoff. Experienced Handler/cutter.
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Looking for a semi-casual team
(MMP)(T/T V.) First summer league in 7 years, looking for a new team
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) some experience
(MMP)(M/W V.) Moderate Exp Player with FPM pair
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Handler/Cutter with 15+ years of experience
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Looking for fun casual team (can cut/handle)
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) MMP - 23 y/o, somewhat experienced
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) Male Player Handler/Cutter (cutter preferred)
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Ex-college player looking for casual/semi competitive team
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) Hi! My names Dylan, im looking to get back into playing frisbee. Im in terrible shape but have a few years of experience under my belt and am itching to play!
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) One year experienced cutter
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) 32 y/o Male. New to area. Little experience, but athletic and easy to coach up.
(FMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) FMP Looking for Casual Team
(MMP)(M/W V.)(M/W V.O) MMP with 4 years of pick-up experience. Comfortable with handling or cutting
(FMP)(T/T V.) (FMP) Newbie looking for a fun team that doesn’t mind giving pointers
(MMP)(M/W V.)(M/W V.O) lots of experience, happy to play a little or be an "extra" person if needed, can cut and handle
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Primarily a cutter. Experience playing club in New Zealand. Stoked to chase plastic at any speed for any team that will have me.
(FMP)(M/W V.) FMP w/ experience, available for all games W's, some M's
(MMP)(M/W V.) Former College player just looking to get out and play.
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) Looking for a Summer League 2 casual team
(MMP)(M/W V.)(M/W V.O) Ex-college Ultimate Cutter/Handler, looking for competition and community!
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Happy to sub for any team - 10 year MUFAer
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) Experienced player looking for a team that likes to have fun and likes to compete
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Male matching player looking for a team!
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.)(M/W V.O) Retired cutter looking for a team
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) Decent experience handler/cutter (handler preferred)
(MMP)(M/W V.)(T/T V.) 9 Years of ultimate experience but none since 2019, lets have fun!