2021 Summer League Jersey Color List

Please note: Jerseys likely not arrive in time for Summer League 1 games. Wear white and dark for your games as assigned on your  team schedules.

TeamId Team Name Color Name
4521 [untitled] Royal Blue
4506 2Spooky Black
4558 A Parliament of Owls Pink Azalea
4579 Airbenders True Red
4572 Amateur Gods 3: The Revenge of the Disc Kelly Green
4554 Assistants to the Traveling Secretary True Red
4581 Average Joes White
4524 Average Throws White
4549 bangerang White
4593 Barbara and the Kazoos Gold
4512 Beer and Cheer - Tokay Drift Royal Blue
4496 Breaking Wind White
4484 Captain Coach Aiden Baird Dally Sir et al. White
4597 Catch and Release White
4478 Cones of Dunshire White
4507 Dandy Lions Kelly Green
4486 Disc it for the biscuit White
4577 Disc Jockeys Kelly Green
4480 Disc-it and Gravy Kelly Green
4481 Discertators Kelly Green
4523 DiscGrace Royal Blue
4483 Discombobulated Black
4565 DISCombobulated Atomic Blue
4482 DiscPun Lime
4535 Disctopia Grey Concrete
4489 Dominant Fat Grey Concrete
4533 Don't Stand So Close to Me Kelly Green
4576 Frisbeans Hot Pink
4495 FRisbEE Britney White
4555 Frisbeenacci Sequence White
4547 FrisBFFs Kelly Green
4556 Fugwump VI Atomic Blue
4568 Ghost Squirrels Grey Concrete
4540 Glitter Throws I Grey Concrete
4546 Grass Stains Black
4503 Green Eggs & Hammers Grey Concrete
4501 Hammer Rumpus Atomic Blue
4590 Hope Floats V Lime
4499 Hot Pie! Royal Blue
4592 Huck Buddies True Red
4553 Huck Buddies MW Grey Concrete
4551 Huck Huck Goose True Red
4485 Huck Huck Goose Royal Blue
4514 Huck Me Deep Kelly Green
4594 Hucking Fooligans Black
4552 Huckleberry Hounds Atomic Blue
4497 Indecent Discposure Royal Blue
4531 Jacob's Minions Black
4526 JAG Royal Blue
4487 Jerkstore Lime
4520 Juicebox Heroes Pink Azalea
4522 Must Love, Must Love Dogs 2: Dogs Must Love You True Red
4559 Nerd Herd Grey Concrete
4493 New Phone, Who Disc? Grey Concrete
4517 No Ankles No Fear True Red
4528 Northern Flickers Kelly Green
4490 Not Drunk Enough Black
4539 Octicorns Gold
4545 Old Ruffians Gold
4519 Omar's School of Disc Golf Highlights True Red
4502 Organized Chaos Grey Concrete
4587 Panic! At the Disc-o Grey Concrete
4525 Panic! With the disc (oh!) Black
4542 Parental Advisory IV Atomic Blue
4599 PeakedinHighschool Gold
4564 Pippy "Cabbage Pants" Shaw White
4570 Prizbe Tem Black
4548 Quack Daddies & The Lady Penguins White
4544 Ring of Fire Gold
4476 Rodents of Unusual Size XXI Royal Blue
4488 Ruth Badder Disc Burns White
4518 Ryan Shaw Play-Doh Factory Experience (RSPFE) Hot Pink
4529 Scruffians Atomic Blue
4479 Shart week True Red
4567 Social Discing Royal Blue
4491 Sofa Kingdom Black
4591 Still Counting White
4583 Sultans of Swing Grey Concrete
4563 Swing it Around Town Atomic Blue
4532 Teach Me How To Hucky Royal Blue
4511 Team Awesome! Atomic Blue
4537 Team Discount Grey Concrete
4585 The Backhand Baddies Black
4534 The Bacon Effect True Red
4573 The Danger Zone Atomic Blue
4578 The Dump-lings Lime
4494 The Flu Fighters Royal Blue
4582 The Gut Microbiome Royal Blue
4586 The Handler Association Atomic Blue
4538 The Huck Strikes Back Atomic Blue
4498 The Huckleberries Lime
4505 The Incredible Huck True Red
4513 The Otter Team Kelly Green
4562 The Team Who Must Not Be Named Gold
4516 The Unmasked Avengers Grey Concrete
4527 Three Buck Huck Gold
4561 Three Date Huck Rule Lime
4500 Tristan's Tropical Discus Atomic Blue
4477 Try Hard 2: Try Harder Atomic Blue
4588 Vaxxin' and Relaxxin' Kelly Green
4515 Victory Chicken Kelly Green
4504 Walking Helmets 3: Speed Walking is Dangerous too Black
4510 Warrior Princesses Lime
4566 Zen O's Paradox Kelly Green

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